Monday, June 7, 2010

iheartfaces: Play

Our boys love to play on this tire swing hanging in our yard. We've had to replace the rope and/or chain on it at least three times over the last five years, but every penny has been worth it. The boys love playing on it.


  1. We always had them when we were growing up Leane! Aren't they the best? You are right. Totally worth replacing. Look at that happy smile!

  2. I do love a tire swing. Wish I had a tree big enough to support one in our yard. Great photo. I love all the happiness.

  3. My grandparents had a tire swing - makes for some good memories. Makes me want to find a place in our yard for one now . . .

  4. thanks for visiting my blog-and thanks for liking the badge for the new mini-crew...couldn't resist the temptation to do the Sheriff thing...really only those on the crew would understand it, but still.....

    Have a great week!


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