Saturday, July 31, 2010


It's been quite crazy here at The Berry Patch for the last two weeks. I feel like I have been running and running and running with little time to stop and think let alone blog. All the events mentioned below really deserve their own blog posts. We'll see if I can manage that sometime soon. But right now I have to focus on getting some Power Point presentations together and I haven't used Power Point in years! A friend and I are hosting a homeschooling workshop next Saturday so this all needs to get done asap! This is what's been keeping me busy though....

  • My oldest attended "Teen Week" last week at church (think VBS for teenagers). 
  • We all participated in Vacation Bible School this week at church. I was the photographer and between all five nights I took over 800 photos. Yup - 800. I added a bunch to Facebook and managed to get a slideshow (with 160) slides ready for the last night. 
  • We had two weeks of swim lessons. N9 made wonderful progress and improved tremendously from last year. J6 still needs to work on being more comfortable in the water. 

J6 is doing some fast talking here trying to convince his instructor that he does NOT need to get his head wet. My boys have had this girl teaching them for the last four years. She's fantastic and I'll be sad when she's not there anymore!
  • I had Miss H & Mr. H for a few days each week. Miss H is now three. It's so hard to believe and she's not even mine! 

  • We had a 90th birthday party for my hubby's grandmother last Saturday. She still lives at home with her husband. He's 96 years old. They do pretty well all things considered. She was surprised by her party and I even met some relatives I've never seen.
  • And today, well, today I went to my 20th high school reunion. I'll leave you with this group shot. Oh, we are looking up as that is where the "official" photographer was standing. B13 took this photo for me. The turnout wasn't bad considering we had 69 kids who graduated. Here's to the class of 1990!


  1. Nice summary! I finally took a few minutes to work on my blog a bit tonight as well. What is your power point presentation topic?

  2. What a full week or two. We had a week like that last week. I'm ready to relax again...and do some planning for next year. Now that I'm not reading SHS I guess I'll have to come up with my own ideas. ::snort:: I forgot all about the planning season being upon us...we're still trying to finish up this year.


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