Saturday, July 31, 2010

Miscellany of Sixth Grade

This is a late posting of my sixth grade memories. I remember a lot of different things in sixth grade.
  • Our classes were mostly on the first floor of the middle school. Mrs. Haley was my teacher for most of my classes. I remember a fire drill going off one day and she threw the book she was holding over her head and (I think) said a swear word. We, of course, that this was hilarious.
  • Hormones and "girl cliques" came in to play. I remember some not liking me one day and hating me the next to liking me on an entirely different day.
  • I remember jeans being the "in" thing to wear. I had one pair. I wore them every single day. That probably contributed to some not liking me one day. Then I blew a hole in them one day - right in the crotch area. My mom had to bring me a pair - of my older sister's - to wear. That was much worse. 
  • My best friend got in a fight and ended up with a black eye. She was called "Rocky" by her family. (She won the fight.)
  • The "other" sixth grade class was assigned to read Caddie Woodlawn and were complaining. I couldn't figure out why as I had read it a couple years before and loved it!
I need to explain how our middle school worked. There were three "groups" of students. There was group 1 (5-1, 6-1, 7-1, 8-1) who were the college prep or higher level students. Then there was group 2 (split the same way) who were more business/vocational minded. Finally there was the third group which were the students who struggled a bit more. For fifth and sixth grade I was in the top group for everything but math - then I was in the 2nd group. It all started back in fourth grade and never really improved.
  • I was in the band. I had started in fifth grade. Our family owned a clarinet. Each of us played it in fifth grade as that is when band started in our district. Each of the older siblings would play for a year but no more than two. The clarinet would always be free when the next sibling started. I would go on to quit band my 7th grade year just in time for my little sister to learn to play it in fifth grade. Thankfully, she didn't continue and I joined again in 8th grade. I loved band and music and chorus (still do).
  • I went away for two weeks to Girl Scout camp the summer between 5th & 6th grade. I hated it actually. It was the first time I was away from my family and not staying with family. I also hated the food. I still remember being told we had to eat "three big Girl Scout helpings" of all the food served - whether we liked it or not. I managed to avoid notice for most of the time I was there. In the last few days it was noticed that I hadn't eaten my baked beans. I despise baked beans - the smell, the texture. I know, it's not very New England of me, but I do not like them. The counselor made me eat one bite. One big bite. After I almost brought them all back up in her lap, she didn't make me eat any more. There were a few girls from my school who went with me so I did at least have some friends. We climbed to the top of Mt. Kathadin while there. My ankles hadn't bothered me once the whole time, but I ended up back on my crutches for a couple days at camp.
Overall I remember sixth grade as being an awkward and difficult time. It was a time when hormones hit hard and I was trying to figure out who I was in life. It really didn't get all that much better in seventh either.


  1. Everytime I read one of your childhood memory posts, I'm inspired to think about writing my own! But, first on my list is recording some of our kids' childhood memories!

  2. Ha! I struggled with the jeans around this time too!! Though my issue was that I hated them but they were the 'cool' thing to wear. I have never really fell into doing what was 'cool' though so I wore stretch pants like I always had and paid the consequences at school!
    I also played Clarinet VERY briefly! Our band started in 4th grade, and I did flute (I was already in choir which was open to younger ages as well) at first, but I couldn't get any sound to come out of it! I ended up with with clarinet by 5th grade at a different school, but fudged my way through with that as well before I couldn't stand it anymore!
    Sometimes I wish I had stuck with an instrument though, I wish I knew the piano! I hope to get my children playing either the violin or the piano at a young age and make them stick it out because I believe they will regret NOT later in life.


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