Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday's Fave Five - 7/23

1. Swim lessons. For the last four years our town has hosted swim lessons for two weeks for not only our little town but surrounding towns as well. The first year I had to pay a little bit per child. Last year it went up a tiny bit (okay doubled). This year, however, they are free. Two weeks. An hour each session. Rain or shine (and thankfully we've had more shine than rain this go round). While it's a hassle in some ways - middle of the day time slot - it's wonderful because I couldn't do it any other way. N9 is thriving this year and progressing by leaps and bounds - at least in my eyes. J6 is making slow progress. This is only his second year so once he gains some more confidence, I'm sure it will come.

2. Watching TV with hubby. We have a few shows that we like to enjoy together. We're currently watching Season 4 of "Bones" (and loving it!) through our Netflix account. We have the little disk that allows us to stream shows from Netflix through our Wii. Once the boys head to bed, we watch one or two episodes of Bones and relax and enjoy. It's wonderful.

3. Miss H turning three. Her actual birthday is today but Miss H (and Mr. H) were here three days this week so we celebrated Miss H on Wednesday. I started watching her when she was 13 months old. She turned three years old today. Amazing.
Miss H - age 13 months

Miss H - age 3

4. Watching this little girl grow over the last year. I took her newborn photos.....

And this week I just did her one year old photos...

5. Celebrating life. Tomorrow the hubby's family will be gathering to celebrate his grandmother's 90th birthday! She lives at home with her second husband who is 95 years old. They go out to eat lunch just about daily - yes, still driving themselves. This is the house I go and clean every week because, well, when you are 90 and 95 years-old it's a bit harder to make the bed, dust, and sweep and mop floors. It will be great to see family and to just enjoy the day.


  1. What sweet little ones! It's great to participate in creating memories of them.

    The swim lessons sound great! Isn't it nice when something is free?

    Enjoy the birthday party!

  2. What a great list! I love being in the lives of little ones and watching them grow. What a blessing. And watching tv with hubby? Priceless!

  3. Amazing to see how children change so quickly. Thanks for reminding me. Our beloved granddaughter is 7 months old but living on the other side of the world so I have to imagine what she will look like based on the little ones that I see around me. Have a great week.

  4. Happy birthday to your hubby's grandmother. That is awesome and should be celebrated.

    Adorable pictures of those girls. They are so sweet and grow so quickly, don't they?

  5. oh swimming lessons ..that is a huge blessing! our town has a great program that both my daughters went through right up thru level 5 but it definitely was NOT free! and i love the cute pics of the little girls....i notice you live up in Maine...we were up there last july for one week in Acadia National Park (our first time in the Park was 2004). it is our fave vacation spot!


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