Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm So Excited!

Life seems pretty good right now. Last night my hubby was finally able to make a deal to not only sell our old truck but also his motorcycle that he hasn't ridden in about five years. Not only are they gone but he was able to score a really nice 4-wheeler in exchange for them. Talk about excited! The man is floating on cloud nine.

Our old truck that is now gone! I used to drive five kids in this thing.

He has wanted a 4-wheeler for some time and with his upcoming moose hunt, this will come in super handy especially if he ends up having to haul the moose out of the woods any distance.

So why am I excited? Well, because the truck and motorcycle are gone. It's been pretty frustrating during this selling process. My hubby had many, many, many hits on his ads for both but almost everyone would show interest and then just stop. Or they would say they were coming to buy and then never show up. The worst was when a guy showed interest in trading the motorcycle for a 4-wheeler and hubby ended up trailing it two hours south to have the guy finally tell him that the 4-wheeler wouldn't start so he couldn't get it to him. ::sigh:: Lesson learned.

Another reason? My hubby finally was able to get the 4-wheeler he's always wanted, but a way better version than we could have ever bought outright. Well, I guess we did buy it outright but it feels like we just lucked out. He traded his motorcycle plus most of the cash from the truck sale for it. I'm married to an engineer. He did the math - of course. He traded about $2800 worth of vehicle for about $3450 plus some cash. That is pretty exciting!

Oh and that extra cash? I'm finally going to be able to use that to buy a digital SLR camera body! Talk about excited! I've wanted one of those for quite some time now but I just couldn't afford the price tag. I already own a Canon film SLR and my lenses for that will work with a digital one. So I have spent the day researching and trying to find the best deal out there.

And one more reason? I'm going to be able to doing a review soon for CSN Stores. I'm sure you've seen these on the internet at various other blogging sites. Not only do they sell dining room furniture but they have 200+ stores that sell just about anything you can imagine! Need some home decor items? They have it. What about some new toys for the kiddos? Yup, that too. And an absolute favorite of supplies. They have those too.

And the review item? It's going to have something to do with my new camera. I have it all picked out and I can't wait for it to arrive (the review item - not the camera...yet).

Until then I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!

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