Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday’s Fave Five – 9/24

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[One] - 4-H and county fairs. Earlier this year I finally signed the boys up for 4-H. It was mid-year but we managed to get our paperwork in just in time to allow them to enter individual projects in the local county fairs. It's been a huge learning experience for them and me but fun as well. On Sunday I picked up our projects (and the rest of the club) from our last fair. I'm glad it's over even though it was fun. The boys had a great time entering their projects and seeing the resulting ribbons and - even better - premiums. We are already looking forward to our first full year - if we can get our year end paperwork turned in by the end of the month!

[Two] – Fall is coming! I love fall in Maine. It’s my absolutely favorite season of all. I’m more than ready for the cooler temps after the heat of the summer. This summer was an especially hot one so the cooler temps are even more welcome this time around. I love all the wonderful colors on the leaves. It’s such a great time of year.

[Three] – Photographing a child dedication. I was asked by a friend to photograph her daughter’s child dedication. I’ve known her for about three years now and her youngest daughter is such fun. They are going through a lot in their family now as her MIL is battling cancer for the fourth or fifth time and it's unsure if she will make it - most likely not. It’s a very tough time for them right now (please pray). But in the midst of it all they took the time to celebrate their daughter and her wonderful life. And asked me to be a part of it behind the lens.

[Four] – Papermaking class. I signed the boys up for a monthly art class. We were able to go in February to this same studio and learn about making pottery. The woman who runs it is a lot of fun and does wonderfully with the kids. She is very hands-off as a teacher. She shows them the process and makes sure they understand it – for the most part – and then just lets them have at it. For our papermaking class there were only seven kids (unlike the 15+ we had for pottery). She explained how paper was made and then had each child make one sheet with her helping. Then she turned them loose. We were there for an hour. B14 was a paper making machine! I think he brought home about six sheets. At the end – once all the kids were done – I even had a go at it. It was a lot of fun! I love doing things like this. It’s the artist in me I guess.

[Five] – A child’s imagination. I glanced out my kitchen window earlier this week and saw my middle son having a blast. He has used some pieces of scrap wood to create an “obstacle course” (as he called it) for his remote control car (an older model gifted to him by his uncle). He was out there trying to drive his car through it without hitting any of the pieces of wood. I think this kept him entertained for well over an hour and he continues to play with it a few days later. I love it when a child is left alone and comes up with things like this.


Every time I  decide to participate in Friday’s Fave Five, I always think I’ll never come up with five. It usually feels like a blah week when nothing great happened. Then I sit down to type it and five things easily come to mind. More often than not I have more than five things come to mind. In fact, I could have included any of the following this week:
  • Lunch and a visit with a friend I don’t see nearly often enough
  • Worship team practice – fun and fellowship
  • Dinner with new friends
  • A wonderful church family
  • Youth Group for my oldest – which he loves and looks forward to each and every week – run by adults we know and trust
  • Piano lessons and the fun we are having with them
  • A great AWANA program
  • “Money Camp” with 4-H
  • A fantastic hubby
  • The decision to start my own Etsy store.
I hope you all have just as many blessings in your week as well.


  1. Its great when you have many, many things to be thankful for. In reality we always do, we just don't always remember to be thankful.

    I too love a childs imagination, delightful

  2. Super list this week. I need to get mine up (even though it's late).

  3. I'm the same way sometimes thinking I'll never come up with five and then once I start listing I start to see all the good things.

    I love when boys start building and setting up obstacle courses for their cars. They can get very creative!

  4. I'd love to experience fall in your part of the country. Someday! I enjoyed the fav about your son and his obstacle course. I love seeing what kids come up with when left to their imaginations.

    Isn't it great how counting blessings just makes them multiply?

  5. Did I miss a post about your Etsy store? What will you be selling? More info, please! ;0)

  6. I'm signing the kids up for 4-H as well... plus a couple of the Art classes..SO we shall see you soon! :)


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