Thursday, October 21, 2010

New & Scary

Today is the third in a series of twelve (although it's my second time going through this series) that I will be writing in order to capture my childhood memories for my children. Thanks go out to Mommy's Piggy Tales for creating this project and hosting it. 

I have always liked school. I know, it's weird. I liked playing school and I liked doing worksheets and I liked the order of it all. I did have some angst in kindergarten but overall school was fun for me. It certainly helped that I was a compliant child and I was good at school.

There were only a few centrally located kindergarten classrooms at the time when I went to school. Even though I lived in the largest town and the town where the middle and high schools were located, I actually went to kindergarten in the next town over. That meant that I had to start a new school and meet some new people for first grade.

I can still remember walking down the hallway (yes, there was only one) of that school just like it was yesterday. I also remember how nervous and scared I was on that first day. 

There were two sets of kids who attended the school - "walkers" (obviously those who lived close enough to walk to school) and those of us who rode the bus. Hmmm, I don't think we were called "busers" but I can't remember if we had a name or not. 

I really enjoyed the four years I spent at this little school. 

I can still remember the playground and playing "kissing tag" which I'm sure is politically incorrect today. I also remember one time when I fell off the monkey bars and split my lip open. Ouch! 

And kick-ball. We used to have many a kick-ball game on the back field of the school. We would go running out the back door of the school as fast as we were allowed so we'd have as much time as possible to play. There was a little hill that we had to go over to get to that nice flat playing field. 

I had a lot of fun on that playground. 


  1. Kissing tag, huh? I'm not familiar with that one. Then again, I've never been much into sports ;)

    I was a walker in school and the kids that rode the bus were called "busers" my school, anyway.

    It must be awful scary switching schools. I can't relate since I always went to the same school. Well, I mean, I did move up to middle school and high school...but always in the same district. And I always lived in the same house too! I live only a block away from my childhood home where my mom still lives today.

  2. Kissing tag! Oh how I loved a good game of kickball!


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