Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge - November 23

Today I am thankful for piano lessons. Not just for my boys but for me as well. I found a local homeschooled girl who is in her late teens. Every Tuesday afternoon we all head over to spend two hours at her family's home. The boys all are attentive (for the most part) and eager (again, for the most part) to learn. One of the big draws for them - especially N9 - are the Lego's. They have a really nice building kit so he always volunteers to go first. That gives him about an hour to play with them after. I always go last. I'm thankful that Miss Lianna didn't shy away from teaching an adult. I'm also thankful for the cost. Typically lessons run much higher and we all wouldn't be able to take them but here we are able to enjoy a fun afternoon visiting and learning piano at the same time. I'm also thankful for her younger sister who willingly entertains my boys in between lessons and their mom who visits with me. We all do look forward to lessons each and every week. Now, I have to go practice!


  1. I think it's great that you're taking lessons along with the children! That's great! it sounds like a perfect arrangement for everyone.

  2. We never stop learning, do we? It's great that you're learning to play right along with the kiddos and that you were able to find an affordable solution.


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