Thursday, December 30, 2010

For Auld Lange Syne

The end of the year has arrived. Far too fast if you ask me! I have been thinking a lot about the changes I want to make in my life and all that "new year" stuff. I am pretty sure I've picked my "one little word" for the year. This year, 2010, it has been "hope" and it has been a much more hopeful year.

One thing that I wanted to look into as we close out 2010 is the song "Auld Lange Syne." I know it is song quite often at this time of year especially at New Year's Eve parties as soon as the new year is ushered in. I ended up heading to Wikipedia and YouTube - two of my favorite spots on the web for information.

I was delighted to find out that the song is Scottish is origin. My paternal family is from Scotland and I love all things to do with Scotland. If I ever had the patience, I'd even love to learn Gaelic but I don't think I could roll my "r" right.

Wikipedia shares that Robert Burns wrote the lyrics (with some liberal helping of an older poem to start things off) to "Auld Lange Syne" which was actually a poem that was then set to music - a traditional folk song. Auld Lange Syne can be translated a few different ways but basically it means "old long since" or "days gone by."

In case you've never heard the song, I found this wonderful rendition on YouTube with some of "the Gaelic" tossed in as well. Enjoy and have a wonderful 2011!

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  1. That's probably the most beautiful version of the song that I've heard! Thanks for sharing it. (And, my family is Scotch-Irish, heavy on the Irish on one side! I'd love to learn Gaelic, and chose the traditional Gaelic spelling for my daughter's name. ;)


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