Friday, December 31, 2010

Hot 100 - Final Update!

Well, here it is the last day of 2010 and also the last Hot 100 update. It has certainly flown by!

Outwardly I'm sure it doesn't show that I've had success at the Hot 100, but as I have mentioned before, this challenge wasn't about dropping lots of weight (at the moment). It was about getting my knowledge in line with my motivation.

And with that in mind - I am calling it a success.

In 2011 I will be hitting a new decade. I'll be entering my 40's at the end of the year and I have set the goal to be "Fit by 40." I have 365 days to make that happen. Well, technically a bit less since my birthday is at the start of December, but 300+ days is still a good amount of time!

Last week my goals were:

  • Stay off the DMD! Drink water and tea only with an occasional Fuze or Life Water. I've still been working on this one. I've had three DMD's this week total. 
  • Bed by 11pm every night. Didn't happen for a couple of reasons. One night this week my middle son had a really bad ear infection so I was up until 1:30 in the morning with him. I had another night where I was up past 11, but for the most part I am making it to bed by 11pm. 
  • Begin a journal/diary/record of my life. I bought the journal. I will be sitting down today to map out my plan for 2011. I also found a new site online through another blog I read. It's called "My Plate" at the LiveStrong website. You can track calories and exercise. And it's free.
While I didn't end the Hot 100 weighing less than when I started, I'm also not heavier. I've maintained these last few months while I worked on motivation and habits. Without changing either one of those things, nothing else would have changed either.

The new year is set to be a great one and I can't wait to see what it has in store. Here's to a Great Day!


  1. Happy New Year! Here's to a great new year!

  2. Well, if your goal was to maintain, then you achieved success! If you were hoping to lose weight, then you need to step it up and do something about it. If you are looking to lose weight, tracking everything is essential. Planning too. I wish you success!

  3. Glad that the challenge was a success for you in ways that really count:)


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