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Made To Crave Webcasts

Over the last few weeks I'm sure many of you have heard about the new book, Made to Crave, by Lysa TerKeurst. There is a book, DVD, and participant's guide currently out. I'm excited as my weight loss Bible study group has agreed to use this study next. We'll be starting in a couple weeks once we finish our current First Place 4 Health book.

I've really been enjoying the weekly webcast replays as well. I missed these on the first go round, but thankfully decided to run them again. They are only available for 24 hours and last week and this week I have stayed up far too late in order to watch them. You can see them on their site every Tuesday starting at 6am and they are there until 6am on Wednesday (I think it's ET).

I found myself grabbing scratch paper to take notes this week. What an amazing time tonight! I could hear God speaking directly to my heart. I thought I'd share the high points I came away with.

While Lysa was speaking:

  • We are created to be human "beings" not human "doings." We need to just "be" more in God rather than always "doing" things - too busy to take the time to hear Him.
  • Being in the center of God's will allows us to be joyful women, praying women, and women full of thanksgiving. 
  • Dieting makes food the focus. Shifting the focus to God means we are consumed with His will for our life.
  • Be thankful in each moment.
I then took copious notes when Pastor Steven Furtick came on to speak. This is Lysa's pastor and he was on fire with this message. He had some excellent insight.
  • I need to "bear God's image through my physical health."
  • Identity - God told Jesus that he was "well pleased" before Jesus ever publicly performed a single miracle. 
  • Our identity in Christ must supersede and predate our activity in Christ.
  • Christ is well pleased with me now. I don't have to loose weight for that to happen.
  • Identity comes before activity.
  • I can't let God down because I was never holding Him up. I wasn't sustaining Him - He was (is) sustaining me.
  • The first sin was a sin of insecurity. Who told Adam he was naked? So who told you that you were fat or ate too much or wasn't worthy or any of the other lies you believe.
  • Pinpoint the lies and "find & replace" them with truth.
  • My insecurity is the ultimate insult to God. I am created in His image. 
  • I need to not just change the way I do it but the why I do it.
  • Desire is the beginning of change.
  • Before Jesus can ever do the "super" in your life - you have to do the "natural." 
  • Identity leads to activity.

The last guest of the night was Dr. Ski Chilton - a bio-chemist. He has written a book called the Gene Smart Diet that looks interesting. He was discussing his recommendation for food choices. The two biggest things he says all need to eat are fish (high in EPA & DHA - Omega 3's) and fiber. He recommends at least 25 grams of fiber a day for women and 35 grams of fiber a day for men. His take is that if you eating that much fiber, you won't be hungry for other food.

He listed and showed some of his choices for fish. Most that he showed were frozen fillets you would buy at a big box store.

  1. Mackerel is the best choice.
  2. Wild Alaskan salmon
  3. Blackened salmon
  4. Cod
  5. Salmon burgers
  6. Albacore tuna (only - other tuna is high in Omega 6 rather than Omega 3)
He does not recommend tilapia as it is higher in Omega 6's (not good for you at all) rather than Omega 3's.

On his website he is offering a free download (I checked it out and it's really good) called the "Go Guide." In this there is a list of foods and their fiber counts to help you shop. There is also an exercise plan and more. You can find it on the website.

Lysa ended with her "go to" verse for when she is struggling. 

Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food. 
Romans 14:20a

I found all that I heard tonight helpful. It also built some of what we discussed today at my weight loss Bible study. And that study built on what we had just discussed on Friday. I love how the Lord makes His will clear. Now it's up to me to follow it.

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  1. Lisa, You are amazing. God is using you in ways you probably don't even see. Keep up the great work!
    From someone belonging to the sisterhood of not-so-skinny jeans :)


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