Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge...on Thursday

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1. What are your plans for Easter Day/weekend? 

We will be attending a community-wide Good Friday service tomorrow night.  Something we've not done in the past and I'm really looking forward to it. Saturday is a busy day with just "life." Sunday morning we'll be attending our regular church/Sunday School. I love this time of year and I've been working very hard on staying focused on the true meaning of Resurrection Sunday/Easter. 

2. Besides Jesus, what one person from The Bible would you most like to meet and why?

Wow. Not sure. Really. There are just so many. Perhaps Moses. I'm currently reading a book by Francine Rivers (Lineage of Grace) that depicts the lives of five women in the Bible. I've just started the story of Mary. Francine has done a fantastic job of portraying the lives of the women and making them come to life for me. I've read the story of Rahab and of Tamar and of Bathsheba and of Ruth. All excellent but when they are given a voice it truly brings their stories to life. I might also pick Esther. So many! I can't wait to sit down one day with all of these godly people and have a conversation.

3. What is one modern day convenience you didn't have as a child that was easy to live without?

Easy to live without....hmmmm.....MP3 players were pretty easy to live without. My cell phone - not that I have a high-tech one or use it extensively (I use a Tracfone. LOL). I can't say the internet as that has made my life super easy and I'd hate to live without it now!

4. Are you more right brained or left brained? If you don't know what that means there is an interesting little quiz here.

I'm going to say "right brained" but let me go take the test to confirm......

Now that was interesting. While I was correct in thinking I'm more right brained, this particular test showed it as rather close all things considered. I was only 53% right-brained. Interesting. Those who know me in real life, do you think that's correct?

5. What is something you intended to do today but didn't? Why?

Go to bed early. I never seem to manage it. Something always captures my attention and I get this post.

6. Cadbury Creme Eggs or Reeses peanut butter?

Reeses peanut butter eggs all the way! All of their holiday shape treats get me every time.

7. Who was your favorite cartoon character when you were a child?

Oh wow - so many. The first one to pop in my mind though when I read the question was Bugs Bunny. Seriously. Who doesn't love Bugs?

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I need to wrap things up and head to bed. I'm going to be at a book sale tomorrow trying to lighten the load of books I have boxed up to "go away." Whatever doesn't sell tomorrow must be tagged for our state used booked sale next month and that is a time consuming process! I'm really hoping a lot sells tomorrow. I did a sale earlier this month at my church and made a tidy profit. Here's hoping tomorrow does as well!


  1. 50-50 right-left brained? It's no surprise to me that you can't make up your mind. :)

  2. I haven't "met" you.. but I've seen many of the creative projects that you tackle. I would definitely say you are right brained!


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