Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - Two Weeks Worth

I am working on keeping track of our daily homeschool doings, but my poor homeschool blog has been suffering. I haven't taken the time in the last two weeks to update it at all. tsk tsk tsk And we've been having fun too! Well, minus the more than foot of snow that arrived on April Fool's Day. So not funny.

Week One

On the 21st of March we accomplished some good "together school." I'm constantly tweaking what I think we should work on together and I'm pretty happy with our current plan.

I also just figured out that we are 17 days ahead of where we were last year. This truly has been the best year for me in keeping on task and getting our days done. I'm so excited!  If we I continue to stay on task, we will finish at the beginning of June. That's just about unheard of around here! Typically we need to go until mid to late July due to all the time off we I end up taking off throughout the year. In fact, we'll be done long before many of the public schools this year due to all of the snow days they will be making up. That makes me feel even better!

On Tuesday the 22nd, it as just a regular school day. Although, I'm getting a bit frustrated with my two older boys. I give them daily checklists to complete on their own (our version of workboxes) and they are not completing all their work but telling me they are. It's not going to be for them if they keep it up. Momma's getting annoyed!

This week we did a lot of "together school" rather than separate things including on the 23rd. I am trying to incorporate more Khan Academy videos as well. It's a really neat free resource. It mostly has math videos but I've found great ones for science and history as well.

On the 24th we attended college classes at the University of Maine at Orono and had a great time! I was struck again and again as to how much technology has changed the classroom from when I attended eons ago. The kids had a fantastic time even though we were up very early and were gone from the house for 14 hours on this day.

Friday the 25th was short and sweet. We were all still recovering from the long day yesterday. And this week, they had Saturday school but it was fun - at least I think so! It was our first Kids Can Grown meeting for our new 4-H project. The kids all began thinking about what they want to plant and learned how the program will work.

Week Two

We had a minuscule day on Monday. Tuesday was a bit more full. Another minuscule day on Wednesday. I spent this week going through every children's book and school book I own. I hosted a used book sale on Saturday and, of course, I didn't start going through my books until Monday. Wednesday I was suppose to go to my sister's for our co-op but we were both so knee-deep in projects that had to be finished by the end of the week we postponed it until the following Monday. 

Thursday they all did school, however, I haven't added it to my homeschool blog yet for the simple reason I haven't checked it all yet. I'm not sure if they did what they should have and completed all the work or not. However, they are going to start having "homework" for any work not completed during the day. Friday our bit of Maine saw close to 14 inches of snow fall so my boys received a "snow day." This was partly due to all the snow (and how seriously depressed that made me) and the fact that I still needed to finish getting ready for Saturday. Phew!

It's been a very busy past two weeks and this week doesn't look much quieter!

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  1. That storm a few days ago was rough, huh? Let's hope that it's until next, say, December! We're ready to go going on our garden and playing outside! (I LOVE the Kids Can Grow program!) We'll be doing a 2 week wrap-up next Friday! LOL



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