Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - Starting to Get Growing!

We've lost a bit of ground over the last couple of weeks due to recovering from vacation and super busy days! That means our end date is slipping a bit towards the end of June rather than the start. However, I'm okay with that. I am still about two weeks ahead of where I was last year in days completed.

We had a few pretty simple days but days where the boys continued to make progress. We managed "book work" on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday this week.

We missed Wednesday simply because I was beat. I had an extremely busy Tuesday and just couldn't get my act together enough to get any schooling done. This is a good reminder to me to take it slower this summer. Last summer was just as busy and I find I'm burning out fast at such a quick pace.

Friday we took off simply because I could. I get together once a month with my sister and another good friend of mine. We typically do these days on the weekend, but this month it just wasn't working out with the various work schedules and other activities we have to schedule around. So we picked a Friday and I had a great time.

I was able to make up one of those days on Saturday. The boys are participating in 4-H and we had a meeting on Saturday for our "Kids Can Grow" project. It's going to be a lot of fun and I plan to learn as much as the boys! My one and only attempt at gardening was a dismal failure. It wasn't all my fault as it was the summer we had a record rain fall. It started in April and didn't end until almost August - seriously. Whatever wasn't washed out of the garden was eaten by the local deer herd and wild bunnies.

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  1. I loved 4-H as a kid. How neat that they are doing a garden! It's gotta feel good to be 2 weeks ahead! WTG!

  2. Kids Can Grow is a WONDERFUL program! We still follow their approach now with our raised beds! I tend to burn myself out too! And summer is looking like just as busy as the rest of the year! I need to make sure I have some "lazy days" in there!



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