Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random. Busy. Life

I had great intentions at the beginning of the month. I was going to get back in to the swing of things here at my old blog. I was going to post every. single. day. Yeah, as soon as I mentioned that on my Facebook page, I had a huge FAIL. I keep having these great post ideas pop in to my head and I plan to get them entered. Then I forget. Or I get busy. Or life just....happens.

So here is some random busy snippets of my life.

I've been really enjoying Zumba still and trying to get to classes as often as possible - even when it's really hot outside which makes it even hotter inside. I just found out that my favorite instructor will not be moving away next month as planned so I know that Zumba will in my plans for the fall!

On the same line as that (getting healthy) I've had a bit of a derailment. Many of you have seen me talk about this on Facebook. Last Saturday I took my boys and my MIL and headed to our local Farmer's Market. Throughout July & August they host a "Fun 5K" otherwise known as the "Lettuce Move 5K." You can walk, run, or bike it. It's not a race but just for fun. Since there is a vendor there that sells some delicious soft pretzels, I asked the boys if they wanted to come ride. J7 has become very proficient with his bike and N10 is great so I didn't think they'd have much of a problem.

The route leaves from the downtown area (this is a very small town) and heads to a local park. It's four times around the park and back to the Farmer's Market. Easy right? One would think. My middle son was racing around the park on his own. My MIL was coaching J7 up and down the small hills and keeping an eye on him. I was trying to catch up with N10. I was just beginning my third lap around when it happened.

There is a very small hill as you come in the park (the road is one-way) but I had found you could get going rather fast. There was a runner in front of me so I moved to the right to go around her and my tires went off the pavement and on to the grass. BAM! I went down....hard! It was the worse wipe-out I've ever had.

Amazingly enough I walked away, well, biked away. After a doctor (who was running the 5K with a passel of kids - he looked like the Pied Piper) checked me all over, I was able to get back on my bike - which still worked - and headed back to the start line. My MIL, bless her, took charge of the boys for me.

I ended up with some amazing road rash on my left forearm. It goes from about an inch below my wrist all the way to my elbow. My entire elbow area is very colorful. I also have a rather large bruise (the size of two softballs) on my hip area and a smaller one on my thigh. I had my hubby take a photo of my arm. Fair warning - it is very yucky looking but not as yucky as in real life. The photo was taken with hubby's phone but feel free to scroll past fast!

Needless to say it hurts but it is finally starting to feel a bit better. Thankfully.

Keep scrolling for more.........

My two younger boys have spent the last two weeks at swim lessons. They have progressed so far in the last few years. It's amazing to see the difference! N10 spent almost the whole first week of his first swim lessons giving out ear piercing screeches because water was getting in his ears. Now he's jumping off the float, swimming under water, and generally fast on his way to becoming a fish!

On the second day while I was sitting in my chair watching the boys and reading a book, I had the mom next to me ask me, "Do you homeschool?" While I was wearing a bandanna over my hair (bad hair day), I was not wearing a jean jumper. All kidding aside, we discovered that we had met briefly at the used curriculum sale back in May.

We have spent some enjoyable time on the beach while our kids become friends in the water chatting about life, church, and homeschooling (of course). What a great way to meet a new friend. I'm looking forward to some email exchanges and meeting up again in the future.

Speaking of internet friends....I just found out that another great lady I've met on line is moving to Maine. Her and her family will be about two hours north east of where I live but much closer than where they are now. I can't wait to meet her in person later this fall!

And on the subject of fall (see how my brain works!!!), I've started working on figuring out what I'll be using for curriculum. I thought I had it all figured out - in a general sense. Then I attended an open house at CurrClick (on a whim) for their live classes.! I love the concept! The price - well - some of them are simply out of the budget.

However, I do plan to sign all the boys up for Lego Club and Chess Club. Both of those are free. I'm also considering the free Language and Culture Club but I need to reign in it a bit first.  My middle son will also be taking a "short class" on Flight by Science Jim. The guy is seriously funny. In fact, he offers a few of his "classes" (short lectures) for free so you can get a feel for it first. Just do a search on "Science Jim Freebies" on the CurrClick site and they will come right up. (These are not affiliate links.)

Another open house I attended had a couple classes I'm considering as well. One thing I really like is that the fee is a "family fee" so all the boys can attend if I wanted that. One class is similar to a book club and they will be reading The Fellowship of the Ring. B14 is very interested in that particular class. The other class I'm really hoping to do uses Ann Voskamp's Explore His Earth book. I love this geography book and think it would be great for N10 & J7 to attend.

I still have a lot of decision making, purchasing, and planning to do before we'll be ready for the fall. I do like the idea of all live classes. It's definitely something we'll be using this fall.

Our summer is flying by - far faster than I would like. However, it always seems to. For now, I'm going to close this post and go enjoy my family and pray for my arm to heal quickly!


  1. Wow, Lisa! Ouch! You were fortunate not to break something! But you got right back on that bike, huh? LOL

  2. Ouch! Glad you didn't break anything. Feel better. :)

  3. YIKES,! That is quite the road rash.


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