Friday, July 22, 2011

5 Question Friday

1. If your husband had the BIG V and you got pregnant what would your first reaction be? For the dudes, what would your first reaction be if your wife told you she was pregnant after the Big V?

I would be thrilled beyond belief. I really want more children - badly! My hubby had the Big V about five years ago now. I'm a type 1 diabetic so any pregnancy is considered high risk. Hubby insists that the doctor said I shouldn't have more children. I don't remember that conversation at all. It would be a complete God-thing for me to ever get pregnant again but certainly not impossible. I'm praying we are able to adopt in the near future.

2. Best memory about this summer so far.

Swim lessons with my boys. They just ended yesterday. They have progressed so much since they first started a few years ago. In fact, the first year N10 took lessons he screeched (ear-piercingly-so) every time the instructors worked with him on floating. A swim cap fixed the issue of water getting in his ears. He hasn't worn a cap since and is now diving, bobbing, and swimming like a fish. It's just amazing. (I have a bunch of photos from swim, but there are other kiddos in them so I'm not sharing them on my blog.)

3. How often do you change your sheets? Your kids sheets?

Oh wow. Do I really have to admit this in public??? sheets get changed every other week or so. More often in the summer since I love lined dry sheets. My kids. often at all. I know - totally gross. Sorry!

4. Having just gone through TSA, would you rather have a full-body scan or a pat-down?

Full-body scan and just don't tell me what you see. 

5. Since it is fair time...what's your favorite fair (county or state) memory?

Going to the big state fair with my family. Riding the "spinning saucers" with my younger sister. Getting whiplash from said ride. Eating fried dough (although not as good as my mom's!) Having a great time with family.


  1. LOL I really don't think EVERYONE washes their sheets every week, in hot water. I try doing sheets every 2-3 weeks unless of course they get dirty such as when a wet dog decides to take a nap in my son's bed. (Grrr! LOL)

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