Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Day is it Again?

For the last six days my hubby has been home. He took some time off work - kind of. He ended up needing to be near a cell phone so he could work from home for a couple of those days but he was at least here and he didn't have to work all day. This is how the boys greeted him last Wednesday when he got home - just to celebrate the start of our "stay-cation."

Silly string war!

It's been great having my hubby home for a few days. Although it is completely messing with my "day sense." His first day off was last Wednesday and I spent the day thinking it was Saturday. In fact, as I was doing my weekly shopping I decided to hit the Farmer's Market for a yummy pretzel for lunch. That's when I realized I was there too late for a Saturday and too early for the actual Wednesday market! (I did go back on Saturday just for pretzels - so worth it!)

My hubby has spent all of his free time on his vacation building our new chicken mansion coop. It's coming along great and will be nice to have when it's all done. He was able to get the slab in. It has a concrete floor in case we ever decide not to use it for chickens. It can be turned in to a shed. It's even getting double doors off the front. My oldest son helped his dad a lot working on it and together they have it all framed. One of our friend's is coming up next weekend and will help him get the roof on and maybe the walls up. We'll see. I'm hoping it's done soon so I can move the chicks off the porch and into their new digs.

We're planning to let our new chicks free range and we've been playing a bit with allowing our five roosters to do this. In fact, Saturday night I sent B14 out to check their food and water and one got out. We have to lift a large door on the run part of the chicken tractor to get to their water and they like to try to escape. Instead of chasing him down - they are quick - we just left the door open and let them all wonder around. They didn't go far or so we thought.

When we went out to herd them in for the night we realized we were missing one. We looked everywhere but couldn't see where he had gone off to and there was no evidence of, um, fowl play either. (Sorry, I just couldn't help myself!) We just figured a really quick and quiet fox had snagged him while we were watching a movie.

The next day while we were sitting in church my hubby leaned over and wrote on my notebook..."the rooster is back." We still have no idea where we went off to but at least he's back safely. I may try letting our "girls" roam about today and may even let the roosters out too and see how that goes. I really don't think they'll meet  since they'll probably stay close to their coops but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

It definitely is feeling like summer. While we weren't able to take our family vacation time at camp this year, it was great to be home and be together for the last week. Even if I couldn't keep my days straight. Now what day is it again?

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