Friday, September 2, 2011

{Review} Katz Gluten Free Products

Katz Gluten Free

Earlier this year I determined that my youngest son most likely has a wheat allergy or intolerance. This came about when I realized that he would complain of his "tummy hurting" after he ate. His typical meals consisted of things like peanut butter & jelly, chicken nuggets, granola bars, pizza, lots of stuff made with wheat. 

Unfortunately, I made this realization while we were on vacation which meant I was unable to really change his diet significantly until we got home. I slowly began trying to eliminate wheat from his diet and he slowly began to get better. 

I have chosen not to have him tested for celiac or a wheat allergy for a few reasons. One he's only seven years old and the more definitive of the tests is a endoscopic biopsy. This has a lot of false positives. And the end result would be the same. I would be told to change his diet. So that is what I have chosen to do. He is still thriving and thankfully, due to the recent surge in allergy awareness, it's been very easy to make the switch for him. 

We even recently contacted Katz Gluten Free to try out some of their food. We were sent one each of the products pictured below. 

Coffee Bundt Cake Gluten Free

Apple Pie Gluten Free
Apple Pie ($7.49)

Sugared Snack Poppers (Egg Kichel)-Gluten Free

J7 tried each and ever one. His absolute favorite was the bundt cake (although we didn't use the frosting). He ate pretty much the whole thing all by himself (in more than one sitting I might add). He didn't care very much for the pie, but that was okay. His Daddy did and pretty much polished it off! The sugared snack poppers were a tad bland and not to any of our liking (I tried these as well). 

I've discovered that gluten-free eating is rather hit or miss. I'll definitely be trying some of J's favorites again though. 

You can link up to Katz Gluten-Free either on Facebook, Twitter, or over at their blog. Thanks Katz Gluten-Free for making it that much easier to live a GF life!

Disclaimer: I was provided with products from Katz Gluten-Free in exchange for my honest opinion about them. No other compensation was given or implied.

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  1. I've recently been trying to go gluten free and am trying to find things to eat! Thank you for this! :-)


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