Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blogging Challenge


I spotted this challenge on another blog that I was reading today and went to find out more about it. I used to be a much more consistent blogger but lately life has been getting crazy busy and so I've been doing the "bare-bones" of blogging instead. Not much fun for either me or my readers. That's why I thought the Ultimate Blog Challenge would be fun. It should help me be a bit more consistent in my blogging and now I have to come up with 31 posts for the month of October. Although, I did just post three reviews yesterday so that counts as my first three. Guess this month it was good I was a bit behind!

Interested? It's not too late - you only need 31 posts for the month - not one for each day. Click the image above if you want more info on how to join and to sign up.

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  1. What could I say for 31 days straight? LOL I bet you can do it!


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