Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From Trains to Planes

My middle son has been - in a word - obsessed with trains since the age of three. He would read train encyclopedias for fun. Not only did he love Thomas the Train but he loved real trains. In fact, he was thrilled when we bought the TV series Extreme Trains and was even more thrilled to learn the host lives in the next town over. They even had a short "meet & greet" at a soccer game a few years ago.

However, in the last year his love of trains has been fading and being replaced by planes. It started at about the age of nine by making simple paper airplanes. He even made quite a little profit by selling them at craft fairs the last two years.

This fall he bought a new paper airplane kit. The book that was included included patterns that were cut and glued together. You can see the 747 he made above. He used the scrap paper at the house so they always have interesting patterns on the paper.

If he were awake right now, he'd be able to tell me what this one is. I have no clue but I do like the design. Then we have these two....

Here's a few more. He will spend hours cutting and constructing and gluing and cutting...and then he gives them away. He has a paper bag full of them and he regularly doles them out to friends and even strangers. I love his new little obsession and can't wait to see where it leads.

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