Tuesday, December 27, 2011


A total random post about all sorts of things....

  • My husband has a very annoying "game" that he likes to play. He will say "hi" over and over to me. In order to get him to stop, I simply have to say "hi" back. Needless to say I view it as a challenge NOT to say "hi" and thus a game was born. In fact, today he called me out of the blue in an attempt to catch me off guard. I didn't realize it and unknowingly simply replied, "Hey." It was quiet on the other end of the phone and when I asked him why he called he, he sheepishly told me he was trying to get me to say, "hi." HA! I felt like I'd won a battle. Then tonight, without thinking, I looked at him and said, yup, "Hi." The worse part? I realized what I had done and yelled, "NO!!!" and hubby had no clue for about 4.5 seconds. ::sigh:: He has decided the game is no longer fun now that he's won. We'll see.....

  • It's a "Nerf" year this year. My boys have increased their arsenal. It's downright dangerous. Although, my rule is "you shoot momma and she takes away your gun!" Only one minor injury so far and it wasn't mine.
  • Our 4H club has been keeping busy with classes and such. Next month we'll be doing more Tanglewood classes (the 4H nature camp) as well as starting pottery classes and nutrition classes. I really need to get the boys paperwork caught up. It's going to be a busy year and if I don't get on top of it now, the end of the year will not be fun at all.

  • Just before Christmas I was putting plastic up on our porch. We have a nice screened in porch right on the front of our trailer. My hubby built some plastic panels to go over the screen areas for the winter to keep snow off. They have deteriorated quite a bit in the last six years we've had the porch so he decided not to put them up this year. I use the porch for storage in the winter so I decided to just staple up some plastic. I was using my hubby's hammer stapler. It looks like a large hammer but when you hit the wood, out pops an industrial staple. Yup, I hit my finger instead of the wood about three-quarters of the way through the job. Ouch would be an understatement. I couldn't even use my finger for four days and it throbbed for two days straight. I haven't lost the nail yet but I think it will eventually fall off. I hit the nail and the nail bed. Thankfully the staple didn't stick. The tip of my finger is still numb so I think I did some nerve damage. I'm not sure I should be using any type of tools in the near future.
  • Our school has been pretty much on break for the last six weeks. While we've continued with our 4H activities, art class, and piano lessons, we have not done a lot of other lessons. That will be changing soon. Although, right now I'm rethinking our school and curriculum. Mid-winter revamp.
  • My husband has completely spoiled me this month and I'm not going to lie - I loved it. For my birthday he bought me an Android phone. I so love my little smart phone, although I still haven't a clue how to use it completely. Anyone want to walk me through setting up my voice mail? I think I may have to swing by the cell phone store soon and have them help me figure it out. Then for Christmas he surprised me once more...he bought me a Kindle Fire. I love it and I'm figuring that out much faster! So fun but I think I'm becoming addicted to Angry Birds!

  • And speaking of my hubby, I have to brag on him a bit more. He has worked at a small engineering/surveying company for the last eight years. In fact, he started the job just prior to us moving back to the homestead. Over those years, he has worked hard. This past year the owner/founder of the company had some opportunities come his way via the state government that necessitated him selling his company. He decided that my hubby would be the best person to purchase it. And so he did. And I wish it had been that easy. It took a lot of months of negotiations and delays, but at the end of November it was finally finished. My hubby is now the proud owner of the company he has worked for. Seems odd at times. But it's also exciting. I'm eager to see how 2012 shapes up as a business owner!

There a bit of randomness. I have more things I want to cover, but one thing I'm really trying hard to do is go to bed at a decent hours. My late nights need to end and since it's almost 10pm here in Maine, I'm going to say "good-night" and see you all on the flip side.

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