Friday, March 9, 2012

Weight Loss Update

Week six is half over at the gym. Our challenge this week was to complete 10 miles the fastest as a team. Each person needed to do 2.5 miles. This challenge has changed some since we were originally told about it. Originally we were going to try to do it as a group challenge at an indoor track, but that didn't pan out due to logistics and injuries (some of us - myself included - are developing shin splints so hard surfaces are, well, hard on our shins). So instead as we met with our trainer this week, we completed it however they chose to have us do it. In other words, we all did it in various ways on different machines. Except yesterday it was almost 60 degrees here in Maine. It was an absolutely beautiful spring day. As such, my trainer decided we were heading outside. Another girl on my team and I completed our 2.5 miles outside and yes, my shins really hurt now, but I did not train for this challenge as some had so I wasn't planning to run it. I did run some, but I walked the majority of it. I finished it in just over 37 minutes. I thought I could do it in 40 minutes so I actually finished a tad bit faster.

I wanted to share my weights and measurements. I'm pretty pleased with how far I've come in only six weeks. I remember watching The Biggest Loser or reading about people who have lost weight. They would weigh more than me, but wear a smaller dress size. Now I know why...they were overall leaner - they had lost inches.

So to date I have lost.....
  • 1.5 inches off my chest
  • 1 inch off my right arm
  • 3/4 inch off my left arm 
  • 4.5 inches off my waist
  • 2 inches off my hips
  • 2.5 inches off my right thigh
  • 1-3/4 inches off my left thigh
That's a grand total of 14 inches lost six weeks.

As for my body fat, I have lost....
  • 12mm from my tricep
  • 5 mm from my scapula
  • 16 mm from my abs
  • 18 mm from my hips (illium)
  • 18 mm from my quad
That's a grand total of 69 mm overall which correlates to me gaining almost 13 pounds in lean muscle weight and loosing 16 pounds of fat.

We have two weeks left. I was pleased to go in this week and find out that all the teams were rewarded for last week's challenge - meeting our daily fiber requirements. I only missed it on one day and I had a lot going on here at the farm that had me distracted. On average, I met the goal of 25g a day. The reward was a free one month pass to the gym. I had planned to continue at the gym once the competition was over, so now I can do that for free.

I need to continue to train. Not only to get healthy, but in October, I will be riding in the Dempsey Challenge. Patrick Dempsey (yes, that Patrick Dempsey) is originally from Maine. Hubby & I used to live in the same area he grew up in. He has started a cancer center in Lewiston, Maine and started this Challenge two years ago. All the money raised by the participants (runners and walkers), 100% of what is raised, goes to the clinic for free cancer care. Since my mom passed away from cancer, this is definitely something close to my heart. I'll be riding the 70-mile bike ride and hoping for a glimpse of Patrick along the way. If you might like to sponsor my ride, you can do that by clicking here. And if you are interested in participating, I have a team, just let me know and all are welcome to join.


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