Friday, July 6, 2012


life rearranged


My week started with this viewpoint. Yikes! My oldest son is in the midst of taking Driver's Education. I was  fine with dropping him off and picking him up for class. However, this particular school has a "parent ride-along" near the end of the driving time. I had seriously hoped to skip it, but it was changed so both my hubby and I got to head out with our son. I was in no way prepared to have my fifteen-year-old son drive me through town. Let's just say I'm really praying his father is able to take him out from now on. I'm afraid I'll give the kid a complex. Oh and he did just fine. It was just his parents having nervous breakdowns in the backseat.

On Wednesday we were invited over to my in-laws for dessert (aka dinner) with both my inlaws and Grandad. We were commenting how even though we all live on the same property together, we rarely have opportunities to just sit and talk. It was nice.

On their deck they have four hummingbird feeders hanging and the hummingbirds love them! There were at least six or so there fighting for a chance to eat. I was able to snap a couple pics. I love watching hummingbird.

A couple weeks ago my hubby splurged for me and bought me a bike rack for my truck. My two younger boys and I like to bike, but my truck is too small to fit them inside. The rack holds four bikes. 

This was our maiden voyage. I couldn't figure out how to bolt it to my truck, so we had to wait until my hubby had a chance to install it for me. He did it on Wednesday, his day off no less! The boys and I were super excited to try it out the next day.

While my oldest was at Driver's Education, the two younger boys & I biked over to this relatively new park in town. It's a very easy ride across a foot bridge that spans the river, up a small hill (only stretch of street we need to ride on) and then we're there. The path down to the park is steep and has a couple sharp S curves. I thought my youngest was going to end up in the river! He went around the last curve rather hard and sharp. It's hard being the mom sometimes! 

Along the path is exercise equipment. There are five stations. Each one uses your own body weight to work. This particular one has you stand on the platform and move side to side. It works the oblique muscles (the ones on the sides of your abdomen). It was pretty easy but oddly it made me dizzy so I only did it once. 

The next one had three pieces of equipment. You sit on one and have push bars to the side above your head. The goal is to lift yourself up by pushing on the bars. I barely manged ten. Phew! The other one is similar but you pull down rather than push up. I did two. Sad I know. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to lift the bikes on to rack if I did too many more! Seriously! Obviously I need to get back to my weight routine. The third piece at this station was like a stair climber. 

We also did one that is like an elliptical machine. At this point my middle son had taken off to into the bike park that is next to the path. He LOVED going over the moguls fast! I couldn't watch. Yeah, I know. I should send his Dad with him next time.

Overall we had a great time. We stayed for about a half hour. I'm really happy we now have the bike rack. It allows us to go bike more spots including the rail trail in the nearby city and the dirt rail trail in the next town over. I'm sure we'll hit both before the summer is over!

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