Monday, September 3, 2012


The three older boys are obviously my guys. The three younger kiddos are my nephews & niece. My inlaws only had five grandsons until this past spring when little G entered the world. My SIL & BIL now have these three rug rats. They were visiting for the long weekend so we attempted a group shot. This was shot #11!

And earlier in the day I had the five younger ones while everyone else was moving furniture out of great-grandma's house (it will be sold soon). The boys were watching Toy Story 3 and chilling after a few hours of playing. Little G was napping.

It was a fun day with the five kids here. Little T - my 2 year old nephew - is a professed "mama's boy" and wasn't happy about hanging at Auntie's for the day. He settled in quickly. I love how all the cousins get along well together.

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