Friday, November 16, 2012

Skinny As a Beanpole

Not what you thought with that title is it? And yes, this is a beanpole. My inlaws have been putting in huge gardens the past few years. This year they let some of the green beans go overripe (i.e. get pretty big). At the end of the harvest they created these "beanpoles" in order for the beans to dry. The goal is to use them for baked beans. 

My hubby's grandfather is 87 (I think) and in amazing shape. He stays constantly busy and will be the first to tell you that exercise is the key to going strong. He said he hadn't made one of these in at least the last 75 years. Apparently they did this a lot when he was a child growing up on the farm.

He also tells stories of football sized potatoes. Seriously. The question was whether one or two would be needed for dinner that night. Blemish free too!

I love listening to his stories.

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  1. How cool! I have never seen a bean pole before. I love to listen to stories from the past too.


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