Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Plans

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For the first time ever, I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my family. It's the first time in a very long time that I've even had the space to consider hosting. One of the perks to having our new place.

I've been seeing menu plans popping up around the blogosphere so I thought I'd share what I'm planning.

Main Courses

Obviously, we'll be having turkey. Since we have 10 adults and six kids coming, I'm planning for at least 20 pounds. I have a feeling it will be an early morning for me since we're eating at noon.

My hubby made a special request. He wants a spiral ham, so I'll be making one of those as well. Based on some other chatter I've seen, I'm thinking of buying an electric roaster as well. I am planning to make the ham ahead of time and then heat it up on Thanksgiving morning in the warming draw. I may actually cook the turkey in the roaster which will free up the oven for all the roasted veggies I plan to make.

One of my friends who is coming is a vegetarian, so I'm also planning to make up some gluten-free/dairy free mac & cheese. My hubby also can't have lactose and my youngest son is gluten-free so this works well for both of them as well.

Veggies/Side Dishes

We'll be having a lot of potatoes also. I'm planning to make mashed potatoes. I saw online that some folks make these early in the day and then put them in a crock pot to keep warm, so that is my plan as well. I also plan to make a big pan of roasted sweet potatoes (hubby's favorites).

As for veggies, we'll be having a corn casserole made by my older sister. I think it's similar to this recipe. I'm also planning to make a large pan of roasted veggies. Included will be carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, red potatoes, more sweet potatoes, and eggplant. I'm also planning for some plain old peas.

I'll also be adding some pumpkin bread, stuffing (not in the bird), and cranberry sauce. My older sister isn't going to be allowed to come through the door without some of our Mom's oatmeal rolls. They have always been a main staple at our big family meals and thankfully, my sister makes them just like our mom used to. I think that is the one thing I'm looking forward to the most!

My hubby also requested peanut butter filled dates. His mom makes this every year for family gatherings so I'll be attempting this as well. Actually, I think I may have my kids do this one.


A lot of these desserts are based on family favorites. My younger sister is slated to bring whoopie pies (yummy!) and peanut butter fudge. I won't lie - these are two of my favorite things to eat! My older sister is going to be bringing an apple pie (hopefully!), molasses crinkles and sugar cookies. I'm planning to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies as well as flourless peanut butter cookies (for my gluten-free kid) but I'm going to drizzle chocolate over the top. I'll also be adding in a chocolate cream pie. And my friend who is coming will be bringing cupcakes - she's a genius when it comes to making these! Her hubby will be bringing his famous blackberry pie.

These were delicious chocolate peanut butter cupcakes my friend made for me. SO good!

I'm pretty sure we've covered our bases! I'm even planning on containers for leftovers. With the sheer amount of food being made, there has to be leftovers and I don't want it all here!

I pray everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa. Your plans sound lovely.


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