Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{Book Excerpt} Deeply Loved by Kerri Wyatt Kent

Two weeks ago Lent began. This is the forty days leading up to Easter. This is typically a time celebrated by Orthodox Christians or Catholics, but more and more Protestants are beginning to use this time period to prepare for Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter).

While I am neither Orthodox or Catholic, a few years ago I began celebrating Lent in my own small way. I like to use it as a time to prepare my heart for Resurrection Sunday. I sometimes give up something as many fast from meat on Fridays or give up something for all forty-days. I've done something as simple as giving up online games to giving up Facebook.

This year I was also given the opportunity to read the book shown above, Deeply Loved, by Keri Wyatt Kent. After Easter, I will be posting a full review of the book. So far, I'm really enjoying it. Today I wanted to share an excerpt from the book.

Excerpt from
Deeply Loved
40 Ways in 40 Days to Experience the Heart of Jesus
By Keri Wyatt Kent


I have legitimate reasons to worry…

But in my saner moments, I realize: Jesus knows all my worries. He’s aware, intimately, of my particular situation, and he cares. But he does not always step in to shield me from any difficulty or suffering. Why? Because when life is hard, I turn toward him. I grow from the struggles. He knows this. He’s with me in the struggles, and I’m more aware of his presence in them than I might be if everything were easy.

“My peace I give to you,” Jesus told his followers, and they wrote it down, so we would know that he’s giving us this same peace. Our fear inhibits our experience of that love and peace. Our ability to know we are deeply loved can be effectively blocked by distractions.

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About the Author:
Keri Wyatt Kent is the author of ten books, a freelance writer and speaker. She writes and speaking about slowing down, simplifying and listening to God. To learn more, join Keri on a 40 day Lent study of her book on Facebook or by following her on Twitter (@KeriWyattKent #DeeplyLoved).

Excerpt from Deeply Loved: 40 Ways in 40 Days to Experience the Heart of Jesus by Keri Wyatt Kent. © by Abingdon Press. Used by Permission.

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