Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Much Fun

Today there was the Spruce Mountain Sled-In in the next town over from where we live. My hubby is the coordinator of the event. Aside from the vintage snow machines that came to do radar runs, there was a HUGE sliding hill with three runs down it, sleigh rides pulled by more snow machines, a snow shoe race, and a snow sculpture contest. There were food vendors, raffles, and a huge bonfire as well. And it was sunny! We've had very few sunny days it seems this winter. 

My 4-H Club entered the snow sculpture contest. Last year was the first year for this event and no one entered the contest. There were cash prizes! This year I was happy when my 4-H club agreed to enter. We had no idea until today how many other people we would be competing against. For the first hour we worked, we thought we were the only ones! However, eventually three other groups showed up. Everyone worked hard on their sculptures and the above photo was our final entry.

We made the 4-H four leaf clover and a GPS unit since that is our focus this year. The name of our club is the 4-H Adventure Seekers. This year we are focusing on a GPS/GIS project. We'll see what the following years bring. 

Our snowy GPS unit

I was extremely impressed by all the work the kids did. We had about a foot of powdery snow on the ground. We had to create our own mounds of snow to make our sculpture. The kids hauled a ton of it and packed it down and created a 3-D model of the 4-H clover. I'm beyond bursting at all the help we had and all the work that was put in. I had hoped it would only take a couple hours, but it took almost three full hours to make the above. 

This photo just shows the shear size of our sculpture. I took this on full zoom on my phone from the top of the hill near the center of activities. The 4-wheeler on tracks was hauling kids back up to the top of the sliding hill. 

We did place second which means we finally have some much needed funds for our club. The kids worked hard - super hard - and I'm very proud of the club I'm involved with. 

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  1. Very cool, Lisa. It looks like it was a fun day for all.


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