Monday, February 10, 2014

What Makes a Boy Happy?

We are participating in a bi-monthly homeschool co-op. The two younger boys are taking a class on castles and knights. Last class I was asked to sign a permission form for them to make swords and shields. 

My middle son remembered this and was quite thrilled about class today. Sure enough, they brought home wooden shields. Next class they will be making the swords. 

These things are made out of thick plywood with duct tape covered straps riveted to the back. They are solid! And the boys loved them!

Of course, they needed to decorate them. After handing them a very large roll of silver duct tape (my own personal roll), I walked in a few minutes later to see them both hard at work. 

A dragon - of course.

Planes - of course.

This kept them busy and quiet for about thirty minutes. They worked hard on these. My youngest kept drawing his dragon on wrong and having to cover it up and re-do it. I was happy about how long they worked on this and how happy they were with the final product. 

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