Monday, November 3, 2014

Homeschooling Wisdom and Encouragement

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Tonight I had the privilege of hearing from one of the pioneering homeschooling moms in Maine. She offered to do an encouraging talk for current homeschooling moms. It was so wonderful to sit and listen to her wisdom.

She started off with a history of homeschooling in Maine. I must say my first thought was how far we've come - in so many ways! When her family started homeschooling in the 1980s, they had to write up a plan for what they were going to do, present it to the superintendent of schools, and then go before the school board for approval. They also had to meet with the superintendent four times a year and do an annual assessment.

When she was telling us about this I couldn't help but think how much we would fight something like this today. So many of us who opt to home educate our children don't want that type of oversight. Her response to this was that they didn't find it intrusive or scary. So different from today I think.

She said a couple things that really resonated with me. The first was this:

"Your commitment to your child is unusual. You are setting the stage for your child to be a responsible adult." ~Carol Moitozo

I really do think the commitment to home educate your child is unusual. Think of all the naysayers you have in your life especially in regards to the education of your child. You are going against what is considered normal. The level of commitment needed to homeschool is sometimes simply overwhelming for all involved - the parents and the child!

The second thing was this:

"Your children were handpicked for you. He's [God] not only growing your kids, he's growing you." ~Carol Moitozo

This was in response to those who think that their child is in the wrong family - they have the wrong parent - you. They don't. God knows exactly what He is doing when He gives our children to us. We are the right parent. If we are following in God's will for our life and, for those He has given to us to raise, then we need to trust that He knows exactly what He is doing!

I have to say that I was on the fence about going tonight. I had all kinds of excuses. It was about a 30 minute drive away. I was going to miss my beloved Zumba class which I only get to go to twice a week lately. I would get home late and have to get up early. I still needed to write this post and hopefully get some words down in my novel (not happening - it's too late). However, God knew exactly where I needed to be tonight.

I had some wonderful conversation with a good friend on the way to the talk and back. So not only did I get an hour of encouragement at the talk, but an hour on the drive as well. It was an excellent way to spend my evening.

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