Sunday, January 18, 2015

Birthday Celebration

My youngest son had the nerve to have another birthday this week and turned 11. It seems like just yesterday he was a little ball of baby sweetness. 

Okay - well this photo was taken nine years ago on his second birthday so I suppose it wasn't just yesterday. 

This little guy (he's still shorter than me!) has always been extremely expressive - still is. He takes on life full speed and sees the joy in everything. If he's unhappy, than you can be sure it has been a very long day or a very hard situation. It takes a lot to make him melt.

Unfortunately, the poor kid has a birthday smack in the middle of January. It makes it super hard to do any type of birthday celebration for him. In fact, last year, while we didn't cancel his party, the roads were so slippery only one friend was brave enough (or crazy enough? You know who you are!) to make it out to our house and even then, it was so icy they had to sand their way up our driveway. Life in Maine in winter!

Being the frugal mom I am, however, I saved the party supplies I had bought last year for him and this year the weather was great so we had a few friends over Saturday night to celebrate. So that is why he had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle paper goods but a Minecraft cake.

Homemade, well, boxed gluten free cake. He wanted red frosting. I bought the gel color. This was as red as I could get it and I was even using a baby spoon at one point to get more coloring in there. And yes, that is leftover Christmas candy.

We had a few friends over and some family as well. We demolished five large pizzas, cake, cupcakes (non-gluten-free) and a large amount of ice-cream. My son deemed it a great time. 

He was this excited about receiving a customized Minecraft card with his name on it from my sister and her family. 

Random cuteness. 

My friend's 4 year old daughter and my sweet 2 year old niece giving us her best "cheese!" smile. 

I'm glad the weather was good this year so we could celebrate his birthday with family and friends. Although, he is still waiting for an "epic Nerf battle" party so we may have to do something along those lines this summer when we have warm weather. 

My boys are growing far too fast for my liking, but I'm sure all mothers say the same thing about their children. 

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