Monday, October 26, 2015


I know I've shared about camp before but it's been awhile. My hubby's Grandad built this camp years ago. He used to travel from Connecticut to the northern reaches of the the Maine woods with his children back in the 50's-60's to spend a couple weeks camping. He eventually bought some property along the lake and built this cabin. 

When most people think of "camp" they probably envision a lakeside cottage they drive to and spend a week or two at in the summer away from the general hustle, bustle of life. Well, this camp would definitely take care of both those options, but it's far more primitive than what most people think of when they hear "camp."

For starters, my husband's GPS in his truck was only showing Canadian cities by the time we made it to the "parking lot" for camp. I say "parking lot" because it's essentially a grassy little field at the top of the trail head. Once you park, you then hike a half-mile down to camp. Unless you are blessed to have a 4-wheeler and a trailer (which we now are - thank goodness!) in which case you make your children walk while you ride. There are perks to being the parent. 

Over the years improvements have slowly been made. In fact, the first photo above shows a new path my hubby created for his mom. She has a bench she likes to sit on near the water and this now makes it easier to get to it.

They also just added solar lighting which makes it so much nicer. The cabin doesn't have a lot of natural lighting and is always pretty dark. The lights make it easier to read and cook and just get about in the cabin especially at night.

The path down to "The Point."

The two boys waiting at "The Point" for Daddy to arrive with the boat.

We now have a small boat - small being the key word - but it did hold all four of us nicely. We took a ride around the lake one night while we were there. There is always wildlife to see and earlier in the day I took a quick little ride in the canoe with my middle son. We had an eagle fly right over us and land in a tree nearby. It was very cool.

Camp from the water. The brown building is the boat house in front of the camp.

The water was so still you could see the clouds reflected in it.

Gorgeous sun rays from behind the clouds. 

My favorite photo of my one of my kiddos taken while at camp.

While camp isn't my favorite place to go, I do like my modern amenities a bit too much, it is relaxing. My hubby takes very good care of me when we go up and I am essentially a woman of leisure when we are there. I read three books in the four days this time. He does all the cooking and cleaning. I read and napped most of the time. It was much needed. 


  1. This sounds heavenly!!! I would love to have a place like that. I'd even use an outhouse. :)

  2. It looks so pretty and peaceful out there! Is this the camp that grandpa built?


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