Monday, January 4, 2016

Writing Scripture

My mornings start with this view. Starting last month I began doing a daily scripture writing plan I saw floating around Facebook. I managed to write most days and the days I missed, I made up so I still wrote out 30 scriptures in my little sketch book. 

The blog I found the plan also has a plan for January. You can find it by clicking HERE. She includes scripture for each day of the month and they all take about ten minutes to copy out. 
I like to use a sketch book since it has thicker paper. I use a calligraphy pen to write the reference at the top of the page. Then I use a simple Crayola black marker to write it out. I try to read the whole thing first and then copy it. I end up reading the scripture three to four times as I go through it looking for things to highlight with my crayons and markers. 

Today I was very behind. Due to a busy weekend, I had not copied any scripture yet this year, so I spent time today getting caught up. 

Sometimes the scripture is a bit longer and I can't fit it on one page. That also means I end up with white space. I will then look back over the verses and see if I can find something that will tie it all together that I can easily draw. 
I like to think I'm a fabulous artist and, perhaps with lots of practice, I could be. Right now I keep things pretty simple. I can envision amazing drawings in my mind. I just can't get my fingers to cooperate. 
I am enjoying this practice daily as part of my quiet time. In fact, I'm liking it so much, I'm going to be adding it to my boy's school day. How do you spend time daily in God's word?

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  1. Your drawings look good to me. I'm awed by some of the journaling Bibles and such I see out there. I wish I were an artist - but that's not how God has gifted me to express myself. LOL


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