Wednesday, June 8, 2016


July 2015

Last July we added this sweet little kitty to our family. I had wanted a cat for years. I had one before we had children but she died unexpectedly when she was only nine. We never replaced her. My hubby isn't a cat person. He is very much a dog person. However, one day he had a change of heart and the rest is history. Next Monday sweet Maggie will be one year old - officially no longer a kitten but a cat. She's changed quite a bit in a year...

February 2016

I'm still so thankful to have her in our lives. Whenever I'm sitting at the table or the computer. she will come up to ask for cuddles. She doesn't do it as often as she once did. She will still climb up on my chest though and settle in for a pat and a snooze.

Maggie "asking" to be picked up. She only does this to me.

Our dog is still the only one not all that thrilled by having this little one in our house. Annie (the dog) does tolerate Maggie a bit more than she did at first. However, she will still growl at her at times. And then this happened...

I had bought this dog bed for Annie a couple years ago but she wouldn't use it. Our dog definitely has some quirks about her and she wouldn't stay on the bed. We could coax her on it, but then she'd just get right back off and sleep on the floor. It's a nice orthopedic bed since as she's considered a mature dog (she's now 12 years old). 

Then one day we walked in the house after being gone for part of the day to see this...

The funny thing? I haven't seen her on the bed again since. The cat still sprawls on it every day though to take at least one of her naps there. 

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