Saturday, July 8, 2017

Date Night in Franklin, TN

Downtown Franklin at night

The conference took up not only a lot of Bob's days, but it would include some early mornings (breakfast) and evenings. We took advantage of the time to have some date nights while we were there. Of course, the entire week was a date for us! 

I didn't do a lot on this day. I headed back into Franklin and wondered a tiny bit. I did find a rather large mall. About 10 steps through the door, I was stopped by a very good saleswoman at a kiosk. She tried hard to sell me on some skin care products from Israel. I was able to finally extract myself and just enjoyed walking around and window shopping. I didn't plan to buy a lot on this trip because we had to get it home somehow. Our checked bag had been slightly overweight when we came down so we needed to keep that in mind.

We went out to dinner at Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant in downtown Franklin. Great southern food. And since this is Tennessee and we were close to Nashville, they have live music often at night. We enjoyed listening to Camille Rae during our dinner. She was amazing. As in as good as anything I've ever heard on the radio. 

Low light meant Bob needed a little help to read the menu. 

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