Tuesday, August 1, 2017

{Review} Nichole Nordeman: Every Mile Mattered

Nichole Nordeman is a contemporary Christian artist who began her career in the late 1990s. She quickly released four records between 1990 and 2005. At that point she took a 10-year hiatus in order to stay home and focus on her family. In 2015 she released her first album in ten years called The Unmaking. And now she has a new album out called Every Mile Mattered

I've enjoyed Nichole's music now for quite a few years. One of my old favorites is Holy. However, she has me with quite a few of her new offerings. I have linked to one below called You're Here. She has a way of crafting words that speak directly to the listener. She authored or co-authored all but one song on the new album. 

She not only writes songs, but she will be releasing a new book called Slow DownShe has a song on the album of a similar name and thoughts. It's written to moms everywhere as a reminder to slow down and enjoy all the wonderful everyday moments with your children. 

As the mom of three boys now ages 13, 16, and almost 21, I love that reminder. I wish I had cherished more of the moments with my boys when they were smaller before it was too late. It seems like yesterday that they were all small and running everywhere. Being a young, tired mom is tough! I remember it well. This is a good reminder to all the young moms out there. I'm sure you are tired of hearing from us, ahem, more seasoned moms to enjoy every moment because it will go by fast. It's true though.

You're here
You're here
The only invitation that you need, is the very air I breathe
You're here
Your're here
I will never be alone
You will be always be my home
'Cause You're here

The album can be purchased either at Amazon, Spotify, or iTunes

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