Thursday, October 19, 2006


Oh my - I am SO tired today!!! My hubby had a late meeting last night. He arrived home around 10pm. Just in time to sit & watch MY favorite reality show with me (it is NOT his favorite, but he likes to spend time with me) - Project Runway. It was the finals & the overall winner was declared. Hubby sat with me for the whole hour. I did have to scratch his back (which he absolutely LOVES) & rub his neck for him to stick around, but that was fine with me! I'm not sure WHY I like this show, but I do. I discovered it shortly after it started last year (Season 2) & was hooked. We don't get broadcast TV out here in the boonies - well, we might be able to with a HUGE aerial TV antenna, but we opted to go for satellite instead. We haven't tried adding stations, but that is now a possibility as well. Anyway, all that to say I don't get my choice of the normal(?????) reality shows such as Survivor, American Idol, etc. Before we moved one of my favorites was The Amazing Race. Is that still on??

Fox does have a Reality Remix station on the satellite so I am currently watching last year's Idol on that. It's REALLY fun to watch when you KNOW who it going to win! LOL I did this last year as well - they had it as a nightly marathon (2-3 episodes in a row) leading up to the new season. This year they are doing 1-2 nights with only one episode. I missed them this week. However, J helped me watch part of last night's that I missed! LOL How you might ask?

I was doing a last check on the boys before heading off to bed. It was about 11:45 (after kitchen clean-up, reading - it was late) when I heard J crying in his bed. He doesn't feel great right now. He has a very nasty sounding cough. He didn't want to settle back down & he had woken up N (who just wanted a drink & to go potty) so I brought J in to bed with my dh & I. That lasted about 10 minutes. LOL We then went out to the couch together & I realized I had missed Idol earlier in the day. It was on again from midnight to 1am. I started it. I fell asleep. J didn't. I woke up at 1am & put him back to bed. He asked me to sing a song & then he finally went to sleep. I headed back to bed.

My 10 year old came running in around 4am as he'd had a bad dream. I got him calmed down & found out he had dreamed a monster had chased him down our hallway & caught him. We went out to the living room & I turned on the hallway light to show him it was okay. He decided to sleep on the couch anyway. I went back to bed.

J came in to my room around 6-6:30 am this morning & climbed in to bed with me. I stumbled out to the couch to catnap away the morning which I did. My hubby called me at 9:15 to see if I was awake. I wasn't. I FINALLY dragged myself off the couch around 9:45 & ate brunch - since it can't be called breakfast that late in the morning - & took a shower. It was about 10:30 before I felt normal. I don't like mornings like this.

Obviously we have done NO school today. I may try some table work after B gets back from his daily walk for the mail. Although, I'm seriously considering taking off the next two days & focusing on house stuff & chores I need to get done. Some are school related (like working on my SWR learning log ) & some are "weekend" related. I am spending all day & night on Saturday scrapbooking so I'd like to have some page kits ready for that. I need to go dig out the rest of my 1997 photos. I started those a couple weeks ago & it's REALLY fun to work on old photos. B was SO young - just 16 months in a lot of them - as was I of course! However, I only had the last part of 1997 in my boxes so I need to go find the first part of 1997.

Our church is also having a baby shower on Saturday. It's for a friend & homeschooling Mom's older daughter. I making two no-sew fleece blankets. One for the baby & one for her 3-year-old daughter. They are quick to do but I need to cut & tie them. I may bring it all with me tonight (Awana night) & find an empty spot at the church to cut them & work on that while J plays.

I have my lunch cooking (frozen pizza) & the boys have all eaten. J is down for a nap now which he did NOT want to take AT ALL! We have our AWANA marathon this afternoon - our last Christmas rehearsal & Awana all in one night so that won't make for such a long afternoon/evening next week. Christmas rehearsal moves to Sunday afternoons this Sunday. I think that will work better though.

Yeah, I just re-read this post. It's kind of rambling. Sorry! I guess I'm still tired...............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........


  1. Now that was one CRAZY 24-hour period, miss Lisa! You had every right to be tired! Hope you got everything done you wanted to - and are having fun scrapping as we speak!

  2. Now this is just NOT FAIR! EVERY TIME I check your blog you either got back from scrapbooking or you're getting ready to go scrapbooking (LOL)!

    And, yes, Amazing Race is still on. We're in the middle of one right now.



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