Monday, October 16, 2006

A Typical Day

Okay, so I know a lot of you out there in my cyberworld read my blog to see about the daily doings here in Maine. I've seen mention on some of my boards about enjoying reading blogs to see the typical parts of life. So here is what happened in MY day today....oh & this post is also for all of you who want to be sure we are not a "Stepford" family. LOL

  • Woke up at 5:30 am to 2-1/2 year old climbing in to bed with me due to "being cold." Hmm, he's been doing this for the last three months. I highly doubt he was cold. No problem though.
  • Woke again at 6:30 to find dh still in bed as is said toddler. DH should be LEAVING for work.
  • Oldest son comes in to ask if he can watch TV. Yes, but close my door & keep it low. I fall back to sleep.
  • Woke again at 7am to toddler telling me he is hungry. DH STILL in bed. His cold has knocked him out. Wants me to call in to work for him to say he'll be late. K
  • Finally haul myself out of bed at 7:15. Hand out breakfast to kiddos. Unload dishwasher.
  • Go to take shower. Notice mouse poop on the bathroom counter. Take all toothbrushes off counter & go boil some water to clean them with...toss three anyway for good measure.
  • Start Load 1 of 3 of laundry. Load dishwasher. Wait for a break between laundry loads to run.
  • Phone call at 8:30 from a homeschool Mom in our group. Contra dancing this afternoon if we want to come (we do!!!) so plan to put toddler down for an early nap.
  • Finally start school - at 9:30. Decide to JUST read.
  • Put toddler down for that nap - at 9:35 - 3 hours early.
  • Finish school - finally - around noon. 5 year old son finishes 2nd workbook out of his four for this year. May need to rethink curriculum at some point.
  • Make lunch
  • Oldest son goes to get mail on his daily walk with his great-grandfather.
  • Husband is up at this point & has decided to take the day off. Calls in work to let them know - himself. :-)
  • Check e-mail quickly.
  • Feed toddler who finally gets up at 1:00.
  • Leave in a mad rush at 1:35 with a HUGE pile of books to mail back to the state library system, four Netflix movies, one bill, one subscription cancellation & a return of my defective medical supplies. Try to remember to stop at post office.
  • Run back inside to get box of grapes to bring to friend. Made sure to have homeschool T-shirts we had all ordered. Grab cooler with ice packs in case I have time to get some raw milk from another family.
  • Stop at post office.
  • Get to dancing 15 minutes late. Appears they are just starting anyway.
  • 10 year old & 5 year old DO NOT want to dance - 2 year old does.
  • 10 year finally decided to dance - after he has had 5 sets of addition problems assigned for giving me a difficult time.
  • 5 year STILL doesn't want to dance - agrees after Mom is his partner.
  • 2 year old keeps running up & grabbing my hand.
  • 10 year old is laughing & appears to be enjoying himself!!!!
  • Go through dance twice with 5 year. He tears up when forced to change partners. We change back.
  • 2 year old finally joins us for last round - does okay
  • Decide it's safer for all to stay out next round. Two babies getting fussy. I head for baby duty. I'm happy. :-)
  • Walk over to park & let kids play for 15 minutes. 5 year old runs up to tell me he has to go potty. They just locked up the hall we were using.
  • Head to friend's house to use potty, drop off grapes & T-shirts, & baby stuff she had brought with her. She lives close enough to walk.
  • Stay to help her work on her upstairs organizing. Have fun.
  • Kids get really fussy so head home.
  • Make supper for all.
  • DH "passed" out on couch. Headache pounding.
  • Kids fussy. 5 year old decides he has to throw up - spends next 60 minutes in & out of bathroom.
  • 2 year old doesn't like first choice of supper - eats it anyway.
  • 2 year old eats part of 10 year old & 5 year olds dinner. 5 year old isn't eating. He's on couch or hugging the potty thinking he's going to hurl.
  • I make my & dh dinner (did I ever mention we all don't eat the same stuff??? )
  • 5 year old comes out to tell me he feels much better - he threw up.
  • Take him back in to wash up - sure enough he threw up.
  • He feels better. Drinks ginger ale & crackers & even some of his chicken nuggets. Gets a bit crazy even. (I think he was just REALLY hungry before dinner. He does this from time to time in the morning.)
  • 2 year old gets VERY fussy - make him go to bed early. He's NOT happy about that.
  • 10 & 5 year olds head off at 8pm for bed.
  • DH heads off at 8:30 pm.
  • I sit at the computer & play. I see movement out of my eye. The mouse is running through my living room.
  • I get dh up to set traps. Traps won't set. They are the newer plastic "snap" type. He goes back to bed.
  • I play with traps & FINALLY get one to set. I put it by the bookcases where I've seen it two nights in the last few days.
  • Still haven't seen mouse come back.
  • Need to go change out my insulin pump & go to SLEEP! (Kathy, if you are reading this - it's 11:15pm - I'm going! I'm going!!!!)
So THAT is a typical day around here. :-)

PS: Woke up in the AM & the mouse had been caught. :-)


  1. LOL! I have fun reading what OTHER people's days look like, but somehow I can't bring myself to blog anything that personal "yet." I might though... we'll see! Sounds like you had an exhausting day!

  2. That was fun to read. I'll try this next week. I try to remember most of what goes on in a day(but forget a lot anyway) but I think the running play by play is fun to read once in awhile. I'll need to make notes to refer back to since I din't usually blog until the end of the day, LOL.

    Jodi from SHS


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