Saturday, November 11, 2006

Craft Fair Update

Yuck & double yuck!! Blah! Can you tell what type of day I had? [grin]

My sister & I have yet to go to a fabulous craft fair. Well, let me say that we did have a TON more people come through but they were just not buying today. I guess we need to find the demographic who wants to buy our product. At first I was wondering if it was just US, but then the other vendors near us started saying how slow their sales were too so that did make me feel a bit better.

It WAS nice to spend the day with my sister. However, my littlest one was home with Grammie with a fever so I was mentally in two places.
Grammie handled it without issue & had it all under control so I was fine staying there. He is doing better tonight, but is still "off" & full up with meds. Right now he is watching VeggieTales - his absolute favorite show right now. It's currently King George & the Duckie. He knows it almost by heart. Yes, he's 2 but sings the theme song & even says some of the lines. Too cute.


  1. Sorry to hear your craft fair didn't go well. I guess it is a hit or miss type of thing. A lot of time invested if it doesn't pan out! :-(

  2. You know, I went to a craft fair at one of the high schools on Saturday and didn't see a whole lot of sales happening. Maybe it's just a slow year, or a slow time of year. I wonder ... maybe things will pick up after Thanksgiving.

  3. What types of things are you selling? I used to do craft shows years ago before I had the boys. And, some years I sold a lot and other years NOTHING.... maybe it's still early?


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