Monday, November 13, 2006

More Photos

This is our usual set-up during school time.

My boys concentrating hard on their work. In the last two photos they are working on their Rod & Staff music books. Lots of coloring, cutting, & pasting. They both enjoy it. These photos are all from September.

I go to a neighboring town quite a bit as there is a large homeschool population there & that is where our support group/friends live. Just this past spring there was some work done near the road I take. All the trees were clear cut alongside the road. THIS is the new view as you come up around a hill & come around a corner. It is breathtaking in ALL seasons!

J - the cookie monster

He looks innocent here right?

J - LOVES cookies! He is helping me do clean-up after making frosted peanut butter bars. Yum!


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