Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

It was a very quite weekend around here. We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house. That's about an hour from where we live. It was really a very quiet weekend. I spent some of it working on lessons for the kids, revamping things, going over books I've picked up here & there, and just enjoying the down time.

Today I cleaned most of our place. The kids were kicked outside and that gave me some uninterrupted time to crank up the music while I swept, mopped, dusted, & vacuumed. It looks nice around here! Not that I freshened everything up just because. I have someone coming in tomorrow to do a demo on a carpet/furniture cleaner. I had to freshen up things a bit more than normal.

I had some eBay auctions close. That's always fun. I'm trying to earn some money to buy something off eBay that my dh & oldest son really want for Christmas! We play a strategy game called The Settlers of Catan.
We bought the original game about a year ago & then quickly bought the Seafarers expansion. Each game has a base game that works for 3-4 players & then an expansion that allows for 5-6 players. The one they both want for Christmas is the one we don't have - Cities & Knights.'ve bought all of our other versions off eBay so I've been watching for it on there.

My husband loves this game so much that he actually brings it to work each Friday. He has hooked a lot of his co-workers on it. They play a timed game - most points at the end of such & such a time wins. They even figured out a way for seven to play. Another co-worker also had a game. So what we did (or rather what I did) was colored our neutral colored pieces purple with a sharpie. Now there are seven original colors between the two games.

It is really fun & even our 10 year old son plays with it. Some times the subtle strategy is lost on him. We also complain because every time my dh plays the two of us at home he wins 90% of the time. It's still fun though.

Tomorrow starts the beginning of our week again. We don't have a lot planned. Pretty quiet with a lot of home time which is always nice. Wednesday will be a full afternoon, but fun! We have been getting together with our homeschool group twice a week to do contra-dancing with the kids. It is a lot of fun! One of the moms calls for us & we work on teaching the kids. The first time we went my two oldest wanted nothing to do with it, but my 2 year old clamored to be a part of it! So I'm generally a "two-for-one" partner & J goes along for the ride.

After that we are going across the parking lot to the Stanley Museum.
The Stanley brothers invented a steam powered automobile. It will be fun to check out all the neat cars. We've even seen one driving around town when we've been in the area. I know that N has been asking when were were going there. We were supposed to have the trip before Thanksgiving but had to postpone it until after.

Okay, I'm off to figure out which Cities & Knights auction I should bid on over at eBay. I have a lot of options. [big grin!] BTW, we did play Settlers tonight after dinner and my dh won once again - hands down. But we had fun. He also started teaching our 5 year old son how to play Go Fish. He was thrilled!


  1. My 8yods still loves our Go Fish deck with goofy pictures of fish on the cards! I just noticed your book list and rating system in your side bar! It looks great! (It might have been there for awhile, I'm kind of dense about noticing the obvious!)

  2. heh, dh here. Wanted to state, for the record, that I only pushed for the win because the wiffer and chip-off-the-ole-block both ganged up on me! I had to defend myself! :)
    B is getting better and better at the game... he came in second last night, which I noticed the wiffer managed to leave out ;)

  3. Sounds like a REALLY FUN game! I'll have to look into it... sounds like it might be too hard for my 8 yo though.


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