Monday, December 11, 2006

Decking the Halls (and the living room, kitchen, etc.)

Yesterday was THE day for getting up the Christmas decorations. My hubby & I had a busy weekend so we put aside time tonight to get this done in order to enjoy it (before the time came all too quickly to put it all away again!).

Saturday we attended hubby's office Christmas party. It was down on the coast so it's about a two hour drive for us. My MIL offered to keep the boys overnight (yippee!) so that allowed us to make arrangements to spend the night somewhere.

Yes, my hubby is crossing his eyes.
He hates his photo taken.

Luckily we have a very good friend who lives only 10 minutes from where the party was held. We ended up staying at her place for the night. It was better than ANY hotel accommodation! She had just had an outdoor hot tub installed THAT VERY DAY! So guess what we did at 11pm that night? Yup, jumped in the hot tub. I thought about taking a photo, but I was wearing a swimsuit - at night - in MAINE - where it was VERY COLD! LOL I decided to just get in the hot tub & stay under water! The water wasn't really hot, hot (about 87 degrees) but it worked. I think I overstayed it though as I was slightly ill the next morning. However, once we got out, we headed downstairs & played pool for about 30 minutes or so. My hubby won almost every game. The plan was to then jump back in the hot tub - hoping it had warmed up more - it hadn't so we skipped it. Thankfully as I wasn't planning on doing it again! LOL We played a few hands of Rummy & finally headed to bed around 2am.

Today was the day to get the Christmas decorating done. After school was done & J had his nap, we headed out. I ran a couple errands first. The reason we "headed out" is that all of our Christmas items are stored about a mile down the road in a relative's garage. We don't have the room here to store a lot of stuff including seasonal items. All the boys helped fill up the truck with all the boxes & then we came home. I then had to clean up some areas & pack away some things to make room. The finally result was well worth it.

Our nativity set

My Christmas village. My birthday is in the
beginning of December. The first year we were married,
my hubby bought me my first piece. Every year since
he has gotten me another one.

Got to love those cheesy grins!
I had to tell them to stop & smile.
They were too busy winding on the garland.

J just wanted to touch ALL the ornaments. :-)

Since B was old enough (maybe 2?) his "job" has
been to put the angel on top of the tree. He looks
forward to it each year. The angel is one that my MIL
crocheted & starched. We have matching ornaments too. You
can see one below the topper.

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  1. Lisa, I enjoyed seeing the photo of you and putting a face to your name! What a wonderful thing, spending time ALONE with your dh! Wow! I get excited when just dh and I get to go to Home Depot alone, LOL!


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