Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The holidays are full of traditions. Things you did as a child get carried over & you do them with your children. I realized this most when I was just home for a visit. My parents only live about an hour away so I can visit them easily. When I was small my Mom had painted a ceramic village & a ceramic nativity set. I remember those pieces being such a part of our Christmas traditions.

The story of the elf....
This elf has always sat on my parents Christmas tree. Every year as a child, we would fight over who would get to put the elf on the tree. My parents told us that this was one of Santa's special elves. He had a walkie-talkie that he used to communicate with Santa & tell him whether we were good or not. I believed that for many years. One of the very first things my hubby & I bought for our tree once we were married, was our very own elf. BTW, my elf doesn't have quite the same "evil" expression on it!

The tree topper angel on my parents tree.
The angel has a porcelain head. It's over 30 years old.

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