Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Oh The Weather Outside...

First snow angel of the year.

I'm at my sister's babysitting/dog sitting for the entire day today. I have a brand new digital camera. It snowed two days ago here & it stuck. So obviously I have to go outside & get photos & then do a new entry. There is about 2-3 inches here. I live over an hour north & only got a dusting. Anyway, the kids are outside playing in it & enjoying it - for the most part. My 5 year old wants to come inside simply to play with his cousins trains! Oh well - they are outside. It's not too cold. I was outside in a turtleneck & sweatshirt snapping pics (and clopping around in my BIL's boots since I didn't bring any!) & I wasn't too cold - chilly - but okay. My 2 year old was unhappy with it all - surprisingly - but he is going through a very cranky stage. So he is inside happily watching Thomas the Tank Engine while the three old boys are outside playing in the snow. Here are some pics.

He kept saying "cheese" but always closed his eyes!

The "other" kids I'm watching. Yes, the all black one
is a Great Dane. The other is a shepherd mix/mutt

but just as large!

What a photo! He hates it when I make him
go outside to play, but he always ends up
having a really good time.

Ahoy there matey! This son of mine loves being
outside - all the time - no matter the weather...

unless there are trains to be had inside. :-)

You can't see his mouth, but you can see the
smile in his eyes. He loves to follow after his
older brothers & do everything they do.

The whole gang.
Cousins & friends.


  1. Oh, looks like you had wonderfully clear weather and bright blue sky as the kids played in the snow! Sounds perfect!

  2. GREAT photos and it looks like a fabulously fun day.

  3. Looks like you had your hands full babysitting all kinds of "critters" (LOL)! Sounds like your kids had FUN!


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