Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ornamental Fun

I participated in two ornaments swaps this year as part of a couple Yahoo! groups I belong to. The first was with the Support for Home & School Group (SHS). I received a really nice ornament from Gilda. I like the "snow effect" of it & I love how "girly" it appears. Believe me, in a house of all boys, that is a very welcomed thing!!!

The next swap was part of a group my friend, Deb, & I run. It's a support group of Christian cyber-friends that we started a few years ago. I received THE cutest "s'more" ornament from my friend, Sheri, in Kansas. A few days after it arrived, I realized we actually have another one of these cute ornaments on our tree! My dh's aunt buys everyone new ornaments each year for Christmas. B received the other one in 2004. Here are the photos. Thanks again, Sheri! I really like this ornament!!!!

And finally, I received an e-mail from a friend at church that she had left me a "little something" & to be sure to pick it up at church. I found a wonderful little goody bag full of things for me & the boys. Each boy received an ornament with their name on it. They are adorable! Pictured is J's & N's is behind his. Thanks, Sally!!!!


  1. I think I'll be borrowing that adorable pine cone ornament idea...looks great. All the ornaments are so nice!

  2. Very nice ornaments! Very pretty, well except the pinecone ones...they are cute!

  3. Just popping in again to say how cute your nativity graphic is.


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