Sunday, February 11, 2007

AWANA Bible Quizzing

Okay, these photos are really not the best, but the best I have on hand. I also took some with my regular film SLR camera that I'm really hoping came out better. I didn't want to make B nervous by going too close for photos. These ended up coming out VERY, VERY dark & I had to mess with the lighting & such on them.

This is our first year being so involved with AWANA. I have to say that the church that runs this program does such a great job. B & N have such fun every Thursday night. J is just can't wait until it's his time to go (he can start this fall).

This was our first year participating in Bible Quizzing. They hold it at a church about two hours south of us. There were about six other churches there. They quiz on the different books that the kids in Truth & Training need to learn. B is doing Book 1 so he was quizzed on the knowledge in that one. They also quiz on books 2-4. They start with Book 4 & work backwards to B had to watch & wait.

They start out with 10 multiple choice questions. Each quizzer holds a plastic container with three paddles inside with either A, B, or C on it. After the question is asked, they select their answer & hold it high. I found it amusing that they have to hold the paddles to their foreheads & it's simply to keep them focused.

B is the third from the right.
He's sitting beside the empty chair.
He was on the only team there with one person.

I'm pretty sure he got this answer correct.

It was a long afternoon. I ended up having to sit alone with N & J. As we were checking in the coach realized she had forgotten to bring a score keeper. Since my hubby & I were the only other adults from our church who went who weren't involved already somehow in the quiz, my hubby ended up scoring. He liked it. The little boys did pretty good for the first hour or so but then they started getting hungry, thirsty, bored, & tired. Unfortunately, I realized I should have brought them out for a breather during the Book 3 Quiz (since no one from our church did that book) but I didn't think of it soon enough.

B did great. After the multiple choice round, they do a "speed round" where they have to buzz in & give the answer. Again, they are asked 10 questions. B did great & buzzed in on a couple of them. I was impressed as they had to sometimes recite some lengthy answers! Once a child answers three right they "quiz out" & sit down (which means they did great!!!) and they also "quiz down" when they get two wrong. A couple children had this happen.

They only gave ribbons to the top three placements in each book. Ben didn't place, but he did have fun & wants to go back again next year.

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