Saturday, February 10, 2007

Old Pals

We had a lot of things planned for this last weekend. One thing both hubby & I were looking forward to was meeting up with some old friends from college. Okay, they aren't old & we aren't old (that's becoming my daily mantra I think!), but we hadn't seen them SINCE college & that's been too long a time to comment on.

My hubby connected with Dan through the Internet. He found out that Dan was the editor of a weekly paper on the coast. We were in Topsham on Saturday for an Awana Bible Quizzing event that B was participating in. That put us 1-1/2 hours closer to where Dan & his family live. It was really fun to connect with friends from the past. Before we left I, of course, had to pull out my camera & snap some photos. I distinctly remembered a photo my hubby had of him & Dan before they headed out on a hike. Arms slung around the shoulders - skinny as rails both of them!

After much searching this morning I found the photo so I am posting their "before" & "after" photos here. Before marriage, before family, before middle age hit, all those type of "before's." Then we have the "after's" - after slowing down with that old age thing....oh wait, I think I'm older than both of them. Huh!

1992 (I think)
Dan is on the left & my hubby is on the right

They are in the same spots in this photo.

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  1. I bet you had fun reminiscing and comparing photos!


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