Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Grandparents House

These are some images I took at my Grandfather's house last week. My sister & I went down with all our boys to clean it out. It's been six years since my Grandmother lived there. She died after suffering a stroke which was complicated by other issues. My Grandfather just recently moved to a nursing home - not bad considering he turned 93 last month.

There are so many memories in this house for me. Every summer I spent time there while my Mom enjoyed a much needed break from raising five children.

The mirror, brush, & comb are my Grandmother's & are in the guest room. They always at out on the dresser in there.

Those stairs. They felt HUGE to me as a child. I loved the "banister" - large rope. I used to pretend I was mountain climbing & hauled myself up those stairs hanging on to that rope for all I was worth.

The piano is my Ma's. I never realized how much & how well she played. I think she must have given me that talent. I played until I graduated from high school & really wish I had continued - something I may start up again soon.

The last is the view from the deck off my grandparent's bedroom. It's across the bay from the Yacht Club. We had their 50th Wedding Anniversary party there when I was about 14. I remember it well. We actually succeeded in surprising them!

So many memories....

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  1. Great pictures and memories . . .it's good to have them in print and in your memory too! I love the picture of your grandmother's brush and comb!


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