Tuesday, February 27, 2007

King of the Hill

My hubby borrowed two sets of snowshoes from his office this past weekend & took B out for the first time. He works for a surveying/engineering firm so they have this type of stuff. :-) He also borrowed a GPS unit & he is working on mapping out the family property.

B had a blast snowshoeing. They went out on Saturday & Sunday. Hubby said that B took right too it & did a great job for the first time out. We'll probably look at getting everyone snowshoes for next Christmas.

At the beginning - on TOP of the hill...

At the end - at the BOTTOM of the hill... LOL

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  1. I have never went snowskiing . . I hope to one day. I have waterskied since I was 5 but have never tried it in the snow yet.


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