Sunday, March 11, 2007

Late Winter Skies

I went for a walk today. Alone. It was a nice change. The air wasn't too cold. I was slightly under dressed but once I got going it was okay. My sister bought my niece an Ipod for Christmas & I confiscated her old MP3 player. I just picked it up yesterday while I visited my Mom. It's an old Phillips. I have no clue how big it is, but my hubby was able to load A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court on it plus 200+ songs so I guess it's big enough. :-) She was able to find the charger cord for it & nothing else, but my hubby's newer laptop (he has a PDA he uses for work) did just fine clearing off her songs & loading up mine. I'm so excited! I didn't do this prior to the walk, but I had figured it that it is also a radio AND our local Christian station comes in just fine on it. That's what I listened to during my walk. I'm so happy about this. Now I can listen to books & music while working around the house. Yeah! Here are some photos I took today. It really wasn't that dark out. I left around 5pm. I'm still playing & learning how to get good photos with my digital camera. So okay, having daylight savings come early this year is nice. Still trying to get used to it though. Playing with the camera. Enjoying nature.


  1. Awesome pictures! I love landscape pictures . . I call it a sneak peak of what the Lord has for us in heaven!

  2. Those are terrific photos! Great job!


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